Our Leadership Team:

Pamela Oburoh-Kuju - People and Culture Specialist/HR Manager

About Pamela


Pamela Oburoh-Kuju is a seasoned People and Culture Specialist with a strategic mindset and a penchant for innovation. Pamela's journey has been marked by remarkable achievements and continuous learning. With over a decade of experience in HR, she possesses a diverse skill set that includes Employee Relations, Talent Management, HR Operations, and more. Pamela's certifications, including the Professional in Human Resources International (PHRI) from HRCI, underscore her commitment to excellence. Her career highlights include significantly reducing turnover rates, cutting costs, and enhancing employee performance across various organizations. Currently serving as a People and Culture Specialist at Amorserv LLC, Pamela excels in aligning HR strategies with business objectives, fostering a positive work culture, and driving performance management initiatives. Beyond her professional endeavors, Pamela is recognized for her tech-savviness, excellent communication skills, and ability to thrive in diverse and multicultural environments.

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