Our Leadership Team:

Christiana Bolaji - Talents Acquisition Manager

About Christiana


Christiana Bolaji is a proficient leader in full-cycle recruiting and tech sourcing for both technical and non-technical roles across global talent markets. With a proven track record of surpassing hiring and business needs, ranging from Associate to Leadership positions, Christiana leverages cutting-edge recruiting technology to manage high-volume candidate flows effectively. Holding certifications in Talent Management from the Chicago Institute of Business, Christiana is dedicated to leveraging the synergy between people, technology, and data to construct high-performing teams and products that drive business performance. Currently serving as the Talent Acquisition Manager at Amorserv LLC, Christiana is recognized for her adeptness as a people navigator and her ease in adapting to changing environments. Motivated to drive change, she excels in effective communication for fostering team collaboration and thrives on expanding her knowledge base. Christiana's reputation precedes her as a dynamic professional committed to optimizing talent acquisition processes and contributing to organizational success

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