18 Remote Team Building Activities and Games: Boosting Morale and Cohesion in the Digital Workspace

Remote work has transformed the landscape of corporate culture, necessitating innovative approaches to foster team spirit and collaboration.

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18 Remote Team Building Activities and Games: Boosting Morale and Cohesion in the Digital Workspace

Remote work has transformed the landscape of corporate culture, necessitating innovative approaches to foster team spirit and collaboration. In this article, we'll explore 18 remote team building activities and games designed to enhance team cohesion, boost morale, and promote a healthy work environment.

1. Virtual Icebreakers

Start meetings with virtual icebreakers to warm up the conversation. Simple questions like "What’s your favorite book?" or "What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?" can help team members learn about each other’s interests and personalities.

Benefits: Breaks the ice and encourages a more relaxed and open communication. 

Tools: Zoom, Microsoft Teams for seamless video communication.

2. Remote Lunch and Learn

Organize a virtual lunch where team members can eat together via video call and one member presents a topic of interest. This not only promotes learning but also gives team members a chance to bond over shared meals and interests.

 Benefits: Promotes continuous learning and team bonding.

 Tools: Google Meet, where presentations can be easily shared and discussed.

3. Online Escape Rooms

Digital escape rooms challenge teams to solve puzzles and find clues to virtually 'escape' within a set time frame. This activity encourages problem-solving and effective communication.

Benefits: Enhances problem-solving skills and team collaboration.

 Tools: Platforms like Puzzle Break or The Escape Game offer virtual escape room experiences.

4. Virtual Office Tours

Each team member takes the team on a virtual tour of their workspace or home. This activity helps team members feel more connected to each other’s personal lives and work environments.

Benefits: Builds personal connections and understanding of each team member’s working environment. 

Tools: Any stable video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom.

5. Pictionary or Skribbl.io

Playing Pictionary or using online platforms like Skribbl.io allows team members to engage in light-hearted drawing and guessing games that are fun and easy to organize.

Benefits: Encourages creativity and light-hearted competition. 

Tools: Skribbl.io for online drawing and guessing games, integrated with Zoom for real-time interaction.

6. 'Two Truths and a Lie' Game

This classic game involves each participant stating two truths and one lie about themselves, while others guess which one is the lie. It’s a great way to learn fun and interesting facts about each other.

Benefits: Facilitates deeper knowledge of colleagues in a fun way. 

Tools: No specific tools needed; any video call platform works.

7. Virtual Movie Night

Using streaming services that allow group watching or synchronization, teams can watch a movie together. This is an excellent way for teams to unwind and share a relaxing experience.

Benefits: Offers a relaxed setting for team bonding.

 Tools: Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) or Kast to sync video playback.

8. Online Book Club

Start a book club where members read the same book and discuss it at a scheduled meeting. This activity encourages intellectual stimulation and discussion among team members.

Benefits: Encourages intellectual engagement and perspective sharing. 

Tools: Goodreads for book selections and Zoom for discussion sessions.

9. Remote Karaoke

Host a remote karaoke session where team members can sing their favorite songs. This activity is fun and a great way for team members to show off their personalities.

Benefits: Builds morale and offers a fun way to de-stress.

 Tools: Watch2Gether or Smule to coordinate music and lyrics.

10. Virtual Workout Sessions

Organize virtual workout sessions led by a volunteer or a professional instructor. This promotes health and wellness while also providing a chance for the team to engage in a group activity.

Benefits: Promotes health and well-being. 

Tools: Zoom or Microsoft Teams to host live workout sessions.

11. Coffee Breaks

Schedule virtual coffee breaks where team members can join a video call without a set agenda, just to chat and enjoy a cup of coffee together. This mimics the informal interactions that occur in physical offices.

Benefits: Mimics watercooler chats that are vital for casual bonding.

 Tools: Donut integrates with Slack to randomly pair team members for breaks.

12. Online Gaming Sessions

Set up sessions for team members to play multiplayer online games together. This is particularly appealing to teams with gaming interests and can significantly boost team morale.

Benefits: Builds camaraderie through shared recreational activities.

 Tools: Steam or Discord for game hosting and communication.

13. Cooking Challenges

Host a cooking challenge where team members must cook something using a specific ingredient.

Benefits: Encourages creativity and teaches new skills. 

Tools: Slack or Microsoft Teams for sharing recipes and photos Team members can then share their results and recipes in a shared channel.

14. Virtual Talent Show

Organize a talent show where team members can showcase their non-work-related talents. This can range from playing a musical instrument to juggling.

Benefits: Showcases diverse talents and personal interests. 

Tools: Zoom for live performances, YouTube for asynchronous video sharing.

15. DIY Craft Competitions

Challenge team members to create something crafty within a certain time limit. This promotes creativity and provides a fun, engaging activity that results in a tangible end product.

Benefits: Stimulates creativity and provides a fun challenge.

 Tools: Pinterest for inspiration, Zoom for sharing results live.

16. Photography Contests

Organize a photography contest where team members submit a photo they’ve taken based on a theme. This is a great way to explore creativity and learn about each other's perspectives.

Benefits: Encourages creative expression and perspective sharing. 

Tools: Instagram for sharing photos, or a dedicated Slack channel.

17. Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions

Host guided meditation or mindfulness sessions to help reduce stress. This promotes mental health and shows the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees.

18. Fantasy Sports Leagues

Create a fantasy sports league within the company. This can be a fun ongoing activity that sparks friendly competition and conversation.

Benefits: Engages in friendly competition and ongoing interaction. 

Tools: ESPN Fantasy Sports or Yahoo Fantasy for league management.


Remote team building activities are crucial for maintaining engagement and morale in a virtual workspace. By implementing these 18 activities, organizations can promote a more connected, motivated, and productive team environment. Engaging in these activities not only fosters a sense of community and teamwork but also aligns with creating valuable, relevant.