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From Talent Scarcity to Innovation Powerhouse:

The Challenge

Nexus Innovate, a Chicago-based fintech startup, faced a significant challenge. They had innovative ideas but struggled to find the right tech talent to bring their digital banking solutions to life. With a critical project looming, the pressure was mounting.

Nexus Innovate needed a team of skilled developers and a lead UI/UX designer within a tight timeframe to meet their product launch deadlines. Local talent was scarce, and the hiring process was tedious and unfruitful.

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    Services/Solutions We Provided

    Nexus Innovate turned to AmorServ Talents and utilized their comprehensive talent sourcing platform. AmorServ Talents understood Nexus's unique needs and connected them with a selection of pre-vetted candidates from their expansive network of African tech professionals.

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    The Impact

    Within weeks, Nexus Innovate interviewed and onboarded a team of exceptional talents, including a seasoned Full Stack Developer and a creative UI/UX Designer from AmorServ Talents' recommended candidates. This swift action kept their project on schedule.

    The new team members brought fresh perspectives and innovative approaches that transformed Nexus Innovate's product development cycle. Their first collaborative project not only launched on time but also received industry accolades for its user-centric design and robust architecture.

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